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Welcome to the New 60! (Bienvenidos a esta Nueva era del los 60 AÑOS!)

 Click here to buy the book. Do you feel like “old age” is catching up with you? It is time to take back control of your life!    Let me share my secrets with you for feeling better at 60 than I did at 30!  I want to introduce my self and welcome you to my bilingual blog on feeling fantastic at 60. I am the author of “I Don’t Look 60. I don’t Act 60. I Don’t Feel 60 and I Don’t Care About 60!”    My name is…

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Buy the book. comprar el libro EN. Amazon.com

 Click here to buy the book. Filled with fun, laugh-out-loud anecdotes, easy to follow tips and helpful hints, this bilingual book (both English and Spanish versions can be found within its pages) takes the reader through a journey of personal improvement that allows her to make the most of her hair, face, body and spirit. Once you read it you’ll say, as Luz does: I don’t care about my age! I feel like a million bucks. Comprar el libro en Amazon.com Lleno de anécdotas divertidas…

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Luz and her little tricks and helpful hints for the face. Luz y sus soluciones y truquitos para la cara.

 Click here to buy the book. 1. Every day I wash my face with cold water and a good facial soap for my skin type. 2. I use a Clarisonic brush at night. This brush has a circular vibration and helps exfoliate our skin. 3. Cleanse your face with a special astringent for your skin type. I recommend doing this only once a day. 4. Apply face creams one by one. I place them in the palm of my hand and rub them; this is…

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